Heavy Industrial Standardization

facility standardization methods
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Effective Facility Standardization can reduce the capital cost by 10-20%

from traditional executions

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Optimum Facility Standard Design and Execution has been proven to reduce cost and schedule and provide cost and schedule certainty

Reduce unnecessary redundancy in your design by applying effective standardization methods and processes.

The DyCat Solution Took Kit for Facility Standardization Includes:

  • Owners guide to facility standard design and execution
  • Standard execution risk mitigators
  • Facility standard design and execution training courses and workshops
  • Facility standardization assessment methodology and studies
  • Processes and guidelines for standardized data and documents
  • Guide for specifying standard equipment and pre-assemblies
Value and innovation concept

Standardization can be applied in 2 different strategies:

  • Development of standard designs for facilities or parts of facilities.
  • Procure equipment and components from qualified suppliers in accordance with their standard offering and recognized industry standards.