Oil and Gas, Mining and Petrochemical Sectors

Proven Methods
Proven Solutions

DyCat Solutions has the methodology and extensive experience providing customers will solutions that range from Modularization, Standardization, Lean Design (Minimum Kit) and Lean Execution that will reduce overall capital costs, schedule and labour risk for projects allowing them to proceed.

We have also have developed a business ‘VALUE’ Model that provides a step execution method to drive your project or program to meet you overall business objectives that can be utilized with one or all of our solutions.

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In the oil and gas, mining and petrochemical sectors, operating companies need to replace depleting reserves to maintain shareholder value. Over the last several decades capital projects have significantly increased in final total installed cost and / or schedule having a negative impact on return. Another factor projects are facing is the increase risk  in site labour productivity.

Operators are recognizing that step changes to the traditional execution methods currently employed are needed if reducing the capital cost, schedule or labour risk can be an achievable goal.  We provide the solutions that can achieve the business objectives and goals.


Site labour can be unpredictable and costly when constructing an industrial plant. The intent of Industrial modularization is to move site labour to a more controlled environment offsite and as a result, globally, it has been proven to reduce both cost and labour risk as well as provide cost and schedule certainty. DyCat Solutions provides the methods on how to apply modularization methods on your project.


Currently industrial facilities are typically being “custom designed” even though the overall design of these facilities do not require substantial modification. By standardizing the design and / or execution of the industrial facility modules (building blocks), systems, components or processes, this will reduce cost and schedule as well as provide operations and maintenance consistency for the program. DyCat Solutions provides the methods and training on how to utilize standardization practices for your program.

Lean Design

The engineering and design of industrial plants utilizing the Owners specifications as well as the project teams “wants” can substantially increase the overall costs of these plants. By utilizing lean design methods (otherwise known as “minimum kit”) on your project, a reduction in the overall cost can be realized by eliminating the “gold plated” items and focusing solely on what is required vs. what is wanted. DyCat Solutions provides the methods and training on how to utilize lean design practices for your project.

Lean Execution

The overall project scope increases with the varying amount of processes, paperwork and non-value added activities being performed; therefore, increasing the cost and overall schedule of any given project. By incorporating ‘Six Sigma’ and ‘Integrated Project Delivery’ (IPD) practices to your project, you can eliminate the “Muda” (waste) as well as the non-value added activities on your project and as a result, the overall project cost and schedule will be reduced. DyCat Solutions provides the methods and training on how to utilize lean execution, Six Sigma and IPD practices on your project.