How to Ensure your Modular Project is a Success

On Demand Webinar (WB-102)


Industrial Modularization has become the main execution method for many facility owners as it has been proven on a global basis to reduce overall cost and provide cost and schedule certainty. Implementing modularization on a project is complex and requires the executive management and project team to understand what is required on modular projects and what is different from traditional stick-built execution.


This webinar will review the critical requirements for a project to be successful in implementing a modular execution and design.

The following critical requirements will be discussed:

  1. Collaboration and Alignment
  2. Decision to Modularize Timing
  3. Overall Schedule Adjustment
  4. Earlier Expenditures
  5. Additional FEED (FEL3) Phase Effort
  6. Understanding the Modular Design Requirements
  7. Advanced Work Packaging
  8. Material Management
  9. Fabricator and Assembler Engagement
  10. Modular Execution and Design Guidelines and Training


  • 40 Min


  • No cost