Early Planning Imperatives for Modularization Success

On Demand Webinar


The benefits to capital projects utilizing Modularization and offsite Fabrication continue to grow, and to become more transparent. To launch the next wave of innovation, adding Schedule Data (the 4th dimension) to Modularization planning, certain Engineering, and Procurement, and Construction enhancements and modifications are needed to maximize productivity, predictability, and performance.


Tannis Liviniuk, MBA
Trillium Advisory Group

Cathy Farina, PMP, CET, IASSC CGB
Vice President – Operations
DyCat Solutions

Jeff Houtz
Founder and Principal
Constructing Supply Change LLC


This Webinar will show how 4D Modularization methods can improve your project ROI, and the strategies it will take to get there!

The following elements will be discussed:

  1. Modularization Introduction, Benefits
  2. 4D Planning Introduction, Benefits
  3. Engineering and Design Phase
  4. Procurement and Supply Chain Phase
  5. Module Fabrication and Construction Phases


  • 1 hr


  • No cost