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Course – Introduction to Modular Execution and Design (OT-100)

Online Classroom

date: June 16, 2020 – June 18, 2020

Time: 10am-2pm MST Each Day

Industrial Modularization has been proven on a global basis to reduce cost and provide cost and schedule certainty. Other benefits include reduced key material quantities, improved safety and quality and reduced labour risk. The objective of industrial modularization is to move site labour offsite to a controlled environment. This is achieved by locating the piping, electrical, instrumentation and controls on to modules (blocks) that are contained within an approved transportation size.

Modular Execution and Design Courses

  • CT-100 – Introduction to Modular Execution and Design

  • CT-101 – Modular Execution Project Execution Requirements

  • CT-102 – Modular Execution Planning, Scheduling and Estimating Methods

  • CT-103A – Modular Engineering and Design Methods

  • CT-103B – 4-Step Optimum Modular Layout Process

  • CT-103C – Modular Process Engineering Requirements

  • CT-103D – Modular Mechanical Engineering Requirements

  • CT-103E – Modular CSA Engineering and Design Requirements

  • CT-103F – Modular Instrumentation and Controls Engineering and Design Requirements

  • CT-103G – Modular Electrical Engineering and Design Requirements

  • CT-104 – Modular Supply Chain, Transportation and Logistics Requirements

  • CT-105 – Modular Fabrication, Assembly, Construction and Commissioning Requirements