facility standardization Toolkit

The DyCat Solution Took Kit for Facility Standardization Includes:

Facility Standardization Toolkit Description

Document Type

Facility Standardization Program Guideline Guideline
Facility Standardization Program Roadmap Roadmap
Facility Standardization Assessment Guideline Guideline / Tool
Facility Standardization Program Execution Plan Template Template
Facility Standardization Small Project Execution Plan Template Template
Advanced Work Packaging for Modules Guideline Guideline / Checklist
Business Case Alignment Guideline
Integrated Project Delivery Guideline Guideline
Fabricability and Constructability Guideline Guideline / Checklist
Material Handling Study Guideline / Template
Standard Document Numbering and Tagging Guideline for Standardized Facilities or Equipment Guideline
Fully Standardized Modules, Equipment and Tagged Items Guideline Guideline
Standard Verification and Execution Process Guideline
Standard Vendor Data Library Creation and Handling Guideline Guideline
Redlining and As-building Guideline for Standardized Facilities or Equipment Guideline
Facility Standardization Governance Guideline / Checklist