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Webinars Available

Our webinars are constantly evolving.  Please check back often for additional webinars.

Webinar TitleWebinar Description
What is Industrial Productization?This webinar will introduce a growing methodology of Industrial Productization for industrial projects that will help your company achieve Faster Time to Revenue and improve shareholder value.
Introduction to Industrial ModularizationThis webinar will give the participants an introduction to industrial modularization as well as the benefits of using modularization on your project
Industrial Modularization Transportation MethodsThis webinar will introduce the participants to modular transportation and logistics methods
Introduction to Facility StandardizationThis webinar will introduce the participants to facility standardization and why it is a successful execution method to reduce overall lifecycle, capital costs and schedule for a program.
How to Ensure your Modular Project is a SuccessThis webinar will review the critical requirements for a project to be successful in implementing a modular execution and design.
Incorporate Collaboration into your Project to ensure SuccessThis webinar will introduce the participants on how to incorporate collaboration into your project.
Early Planning Imperatives for Modularization SuccessThis Webinar will show how 4D Modularization methods can improve your project ROI, and the strategies it will take to get there!