DyCat Solutions


DyCat Solutions has extensive experience in project execution and delivery for local and international companies providing innovative solutions to assure capital cost efficiency.

Our experience includes project execution from front end engineering to project start-up; we have subject matter experts for defining and aligning on minimum kit (lean design) requirements, maximizing modularization and standardization, developing lean execution and manufacturing methods; workshop and training development and facilitation.

Dycat Solutions is a member of the Construction Industry Institute (CII) and are a part of the Business Case Analysis Guide for Industrial Modularization,  Capital Efficiency Scorecard and the Achieving Higher Levels of Standardized Facility Design research teams and are a member of the Modularization CBA. We are a member of the Construction Users Roundtable (CURT) and we were part of the Advanced Work Package (AWP) Community of Practice.


Our people have been recognized as leaders for providing innovative solutions. Some of the solution driven assignments include:

  • Modularization evaluations and review to large global EPC contractor for oil and gas and petrochemicals projects
  • Modularization cold eyes review for petrochemicals projects for a large global EPC contractor
  • Providing company wide modularization training and toolkit to a large global EPC contractor.
  • Modular execution and design online training program for a Korean University
  • Modularization evaluations and review for SK E&C’s project teams
  • Providing modularization training and guidelines to SK E&C’s project teams
  • Development, implementation and governance of Fluor’s Zero Base ExecutionSM
  • Development, implementation and governance of Fluor’s 3rd Gen Modular ExecutionSM
  • Optimizing plant layouts to maximize modularization, reduce quantities and TIC utilizing the 4-step optimal layout method for petrochemical plants for SK E&C
  • Development, implementation and governance a manufactured approach in heavy oil program delivery for Worley
  • Development and implementation a standardized design catalogue for a minimum kit modular well pad for both new and sustaining capital projects for Worley
  • Aligning owners, contractors and developers of new facilities on what drives the business case to achieve capital efficiency
  • Training owners, contractors and developers of new facilities on modular execution, design, supply chain, fabrication, construction and commissioning requirements

Testimonials and Experience

  • DyCat Solution to provide us such as modularization study, training, toolkit, etc. was so helpful to us and due to the solution, we can establish our procedure and process much easier.

    Module Team Leader Global EPC Company
  • We found the DyCat team extremely competent and professional and their methodologies and training material to be well documented. The final result was that the team developed a very competitive product offering that we are now marketing.

    Project Management Consulting South Africa
  • The research validates that the adoption of proven technology can improve construction industry productivity by 30-45%, as well as improved material predictability and reliability.

    Construction Industry Institute
  • A leading Asian EPC has engaged DyCat to provide a corporate wide program for their modular service delivery team, using the full DyCat Solutions suite, toolkit, training and consulting.

    A leading Asian EPC
  • Modularization and Standardization Evaluation, Training, Guidelines.

    Small Scale LNG Plant South Africa
  • Modularization Study

    Aromatics Complex Bataan, Philippines
  • Modularization Study

    Combined Cycle Power Plant South Korea
  • SME Reviews

    PO And Derivative Plant USA Gulf Coast
  • Modularization Study

    PP Plant USA Gulf Coast
  • Modularization Study

    Formosa PDH Plant USA Gulf Coast