“Minimum Kit”

Lean Design Methods

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The engineering and design of industrial plants utilizing the Owners specifications as well as the project teams “wants” can substantially increase the overall costs of these plants. By utilizing lean design methods (otherwise known as “minimum kit”) on your project, a reduction in the overall cost can be realized by eliminating the “gold plated” items and focusing solely on what is required vs. what is wanted.

A minimum kit approach has proven to reduce the capital cost by 5 to 15% from the traditional approach

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DyCat Solutions has the tools to assist in developing a lean design basis and technical specifications including application of industry standards

Must Establish Real
“needs” vs “nice to haves”

The DyCat Solution Tool Kit for Developing a Lean Design Includes:

  • Lean Design and Execution Guide
  • Lean Design and Execution Roadmap
  • Class of Plant Guide and Checklists
  • Plot Plan Optimization
  • Life Cycle Analysis
  • High Impact Equipment Analysis
  • More…