Experts in Lean Execution for  Industrial Projects

The main objective of “lean” is to maximize customer value while eliminating waste.

The overall project scope increases with the varying amount of processes, paperwork and non-value added activities being performed; therefore, increasing the cost and overall schedule of any given project. By incorporating ‘Six Sigma’ and ‘Integrated Project Delivery’ (IPD) practices to your project, you can eliminate the “Muda” (waste) as well as the non-value added activities on your project and as a result, the overall project cost and schedule will be reduced.

Six sigma DMAIC Industrial innovation technology quality control business concept.

The construction industry continues to lag the manufacturing industry in productivity.

Specific approaches proven in the manufacturing industry such as lean and integrated project delivery need to be applied to project execution.

The DyCat Solutions Lean Execution Toolkit Includes:

  • Lean Design and Execution Guide
  • Lean Design and Execution Roadmap
  • Advanced Work Packaging
  • Execution Efficiency
  • Project Integration
  • More…
Eight Principles of Lean Methodology