industrial modularization

Modularization Design and Execution Methods
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Modularization divides a project into transportable blocks that can be transported from a off-site location that maximize efficiencies and reduce costs for labour, materials and scheduling.

Effective Modularization can reduce the capital cost by 10-20% from traditional executions


DyCat Solutions can help set-up your project

We come in early in the project lifecycle and help the project set-up for modularization success

Knowledge Makes
All the Difference

Optimum Module Design and Execution has been proven globally to reduce cost and provide cost and schedule certainty.


Other benefits include reduced quantities, improved safety and quality.

DyCat Solutions 4-Step Optimum Modular Layout Process

We have performed several modular evaluations for both current and past clients and can assist your project team with a similar evaluation to see if your project has the optimal amount of modularization.

The DyCat Solution Tool Kit for Modularization includes:

  • Modular Execution and Design Planning Guideline
  • Modular Assessment Methodology
  • Modular Layout Optimization Methodology
  • Modular Execution Risk Management
  • Modular Estimating and Scheduling
  • Modular Class 4 and 5 Estimating Tools
  • Modular Design Guideline and Tools
  • Logistics and Transportation Analysis
  • Module Fabrication and Assembly Yard Guide
  • More….

DyCat Solutions Modularization Training Courses and Workshops

DyCat Solutions training workshops include methods that will complement and enhance the Construction Industry Institute (CII) best practice for industrial modularization