Specialized Consulting Services

Trust our proven experience and knowledge to help with your project’s success. We are a Global services provider, and our clients are from around the world and in many different industries that include Oil and Gas, Petrochemicals, Mining, Power, Renewables and Data Centers.

DyCat has the expert modularization, standardization, lean design and execution experience to lead, support or provide oversight to your team wherever they are located. We have developed our own specialized and unique processes  that help you cut time and cost. Services such as cold eyes reviews, business case analysis, governance / quality assurance reviews, optimal modular design evaluation’s and alignment worskhops.

When compared to a traditional stick-built approach, projects see a reduced footprint, reduced risks along with environmental benefit of reduced waste and impact.

At DyCat we have the expertise to help optimize your project to apply proven methodologies, techniques and extensive industry knowledge that help deliver on a higher ROI.

We engage with your team in the capacity that best suits your business requirements. Whether you utilize our experience to help you review your project for modularization, standardization and / or lean design and execution, assist in being part of your team for stages of the project or have us lead your team throughout the entire execution and design aspect, we are there when you need us.

We offer services around;

  • Modularization and Standardization Cold Eyes Reviews
  • Modularization and Standardization Business Case Analysis
  • Modularization and Standardization (Productization) execution and design workshops
  • Modular Optimization Design Layout Evaluations and Reviews
  • Governance reviews
  • Lean Execution including workflow and process optimization
  • Lean design including Class of Plant / Facilities, High Impact Equipment Analysis and Lifecycle Cost Analysis