Develop Optimum Modular Layout

 In Modularization

The fourth key modularization method that will improve the capital efficiency of your project is to develop an optimum modular layout.

Well-designed modular plot plan layouts can reduce overall quantities and maximize removal of labour offsite. Traditionally projects would use a stick-built plot plan layouts and allow the plot plan to drive the modular design. To have the most effective modular plot plan, modularization must drive the plot plan. In order to develop a modular plot plan, a collaborative effort between all disciplines to drive a system-based layout using module envelope sizes is required.

Another component is developing a comprehensive module index that contains the module configuration, dimensions and weights per discipline. This index is used to ensure that the modules have the appropriate weight densities, follow transportation requirements and allow construction sequencing.

The optimum plot plan will intuitively produce a smaller footprint and generate less quantities then a traditionally stick-built layout.